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This blog is meant to be an outlet for me to share my experiences and my learnings throughout my remote internship experience in Mwanza, Tanzania during Summer 2021 with Western Heads East. (Pictured: Polivio, Ecuador. 2020)

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Feeling good

Welcome back to the blog! This past week has been really exciting for me. I had been very busy working on compiling a list of some 20+ vegetable and Fiti yoghurt dip/ sauce recipes that I thought would finally be more along the lines of what my community partner was expecting. To both my excitement …

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Facing the music

Welcome back to my blog! Here are some updates of what I have been doing for those of you who are following along: Over the past two weeks or so, I have still been in “recipe creation mode”. I’m still in this stage of the internship, as we have come across some speed bumps in …

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